About Us

thumb1Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc. is committed to providing the best care services for your speed healing and recovery. Our approach is personalized and done in a one on one basis to duly monitor your progress throughout the course of the care provision process.

We are a privately owned home care agency, serving all four Quadrants of the District, NW, SW, NE, SE. We have a wide line of services so that you will save yourself from the hassle of getting different care services from other health care providers. We deliver your options right at the comfort of your own homes and all these, are done with trusted and top-rank professionals.

Our Mission
To service the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently by providing highly skilled and professional staff at all levels. It is our daily goal to incorporate the highest standards of client care and professionalism in our work ethics.

Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc. strives to make a significant difference to you and your loved one’s life. They are manifested through our:

Stability: Our large patient base means that at most locations, there is plenty of work available. This is good news for caregivers who want dependable weekly hours with an equally dependable paycheck.

Security: We’ve been an industry leader, which translates into financial security and ongoing plans for growth.

Reputation: Once you’ve worked for Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc., you’ll see that we’ve set the standard by which other companies measure themselves. Whether you seize the many opportunities that Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc. offers for building a career trajectory or eventually move on, you’ll be well trained and well positioned to grow in new directions.

Leading Edge: Whether it’s piloting new care techniques or installing state-of-the-art information technology systems, Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc. stays on the leading edge. This not only creates an exciting environment full of progressive thinkers and innovators, but provides opportunities for you to stay up-to-date and stretch yourself in new ways.

Education: Being able to grow in your job increases not just satisfaction, but opportunities, which is why we make continuing education accessible to all our associates. We encourage and support training, certification and accreditation.

Customer Service: Delivering superior service to our clients, customers and patients takes priority at Berhan Home Health Care Agency, Inc. Not only are we ranked at the top of the industry, but our customer satisfaction results 100% “very satisfied or above.”

Robust Benefits: Our compensation and benefits packages are competitive in the industry, and feature a choice of options-depending upon position and number of hours worked.